The Valuation Process

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Start by filling out the valuation request form, or contacting us by email or phone to discuss your valuation needs.
Once the investor addresses all questions, it is determined which business evaluation product best suits the client’s needs, then the services agreement is emailed or faxed, along with the client questionnaire and a list of required supporting documentation.
The client or investor then completes and signs all of the forms. All the required financial/supporting documentation is then mailed or faxed to EVA along with a payment.
After the client or investor reviews the information provided for completeness, financial information is adjusted, and (if necessary) additional communication with the Client is performed to ensure that everything has been covered.
The client or investor submits all information and an initial analysis to EVA for final preparation of the valuation.
EVA will present a draft copy of the final report to the client or investor for review and approval.
Once the final report has been reviewed and approved by the client or investor, EVA will package the valuation report and mail it back to all involved parties.

Equity Valuation Associates

Telephone: (808) 637-8480 
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Equity Valuation Associates

Phone: (808) 637-8480

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Telephone: (808) 637-8480 Fax: (808) 637-8482

P.O. Box 91-1297    Waialua, O'ahu, Hawaii    96791