Types of Valuations and Appraisals

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At Equity Valuation Associates, we provide professional, independent appraisal and valuation services to individuals, corporations, business financing firms, banks, retirement plan sponsors, plan administrators, banks, and trust companies. Our fee based valuation and appraisal services will provide an accurate value for the following:

What Valuation Guidelines Do You Follow?

Depending on the type of valuation and reporting requirements, we follow the IRS Revenue Ruling 59-60 and Financial Accounting Standards Board FAS 157 guidelines.

For more information on the reporting guidelines we follow during our valuations, please view our Valuation Guidelines page.

What Type of Valuation Do I Need?

The type of valuation that you need depends on the investment type and the reason the valuation was required.  In most cases, if litigation is pending, a formal comprehensive valuation is required.

Appraisals such as marriage dissolution, ESOP reporting, buy/sell agreements, and estate valuation, will generally also require a comprehensive evaluation in accordance with FAS 157 and/or the IRS Revenue Ruling 59-60. However, for less formal reporting such as 401K financing and note valuations, a limited scope valuation or estimate of value will suffice.

For more information on what type of valuation you need, please refer below. The table below represents the most commonly requested valuations types for the respective valuations. Depending on your unique circumstances, the type of valuation needed may vary.

Estimate of Value Limited Scope Valuation Comprehensive Valuation
Call For Pricing Call For Pricing Call For Pricing
401K Financing Valuations
Pension, Profit Sharing, & 401k Valuations
Closely Held Stock Valuations
Buy/Sell Agreements
Date of Death Valuations
Divorce Valuations
ESOP Valuations
IRA Roth Conversion Valuations
IRA Distribution Valuations
IRA Alternative Asset Valuations
IRS Form 5498 Valuations
IRS Form 5500 Valuations
Mortgage Fund Valuations
Note Valuations
Oil & Gas Valuations
Real Estate Fund Valuations
Venture Capital Fund Valuations
Estate Valuations

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